Take Back Your Health And Your Life!

Learn How to Take Control And Beat Diabetes

Take back your health and transform your life! Diabetes Smackdown is a groundbreaking seminar that reveals exactly what is stopping you in your life. You will experience a new freedom as you create empowering and lasting behaviors in the area of your health.

Join us at the Diabetes Smackdown seminar and learn...

This is not a pill, shake, or supplement. This is the ultimate way to manage your diabetes and learn how to create health and vitality. This is hope.

Join us on March 11 & 12 to be part of the movement to reverse the Diabetes trend.

Proudly Sponsored by Lake Chelan Community Hospital Foundation

Meet Your Instructors

Fletcher Ellingson

Fletcher provides performance coaching, inspirational speaking, seminars, and weekly podcasts at www.fletcherellingson.com


Dr. Amy Ellingson
Dr. Hutton has been practicing Family Medicine at the Lake Chelan Clinic for 13 years. She provides Diabetes care to hundreds of patients annually.


Meg Raines
Culinary Expert and Wellness Advocate, with a passion for helping others be their healthiest selves.