"Just back from the doctor-My weight is down, A1c is down, blood pressure down!- The Diabetes Smackdown was what I needed to get started!"  Terri B.

"Since the Diabetes Smackdown my glucose and bad cholesterol are down and good cholesterol is up... and I learned how to recommit after setbacks. Who hoo!!" Cyndie A.

"I wanted to say: thank you so much Fletcher and Amy. I'm grateful you are here in chelan and I could participate in this with you. Quite simply my frame of mind has tremendously improved. If I knew how to underscore that comment I would.😊 I'm doing so much more to improve my Health now than I was prior to the Smackdown. In a certain way I was "stuck" . And now I am not. I am moving forward. The follow up phone calls have been fantastic. They've kept me on a healthy track. Thank you Fetcher for what you do" Liz H

When I was invited to attend the Diabetes Smackdown seminar by a friend...I said ok. I entered the room thinking what will I hear that I haven't heard before.  Well, let me tell you folks if you have an area of your life that you would like to see "better"...then Fletcher and Amy will offer you some incredible tools, that like any tool...with practice and rereading the 'manual' you can greatly increase your victories in life.  Thank you... soooo worth the time and resources to attend.  Good on you for offering a lifeline to folks. Karyl O.